What are Microgreens?

Small Greens. Big Flavor.

Unmatched Nutrition.

What in the World are Microgreens?

We get that a lot. Microgreens are little seedlings of edible plants that are often used to add color and flavor to meals. They’re much smaller than regular greens, even “baby” greens, and have grown in popularity, especially in fine dining circles. 

The term “microgreen” isn’t specific to any one plant. Common microgreens include broccoli, radish, cabbage, mustard, kale, pea shoots, Lentil and cilantro.  

Why should you start eating them?

Their vibrancy and delicateness make for an obvious choice in terms of visual appeal, giving dishes that necessary pop. But these pretty little things are also, though miniscule in size, concentrated in nutrients.

Studies have shown that microgreens are loaded with nutrients, such as vitamins, C, E, and K, lutein, and beta-carotene, 4 to 40 fold more than the mature leaves of the same plants. Studies have shown that Microgreens have 5 times the nutrition (vitamins and carotenoids) found in mature plants.

Moreover they provide the nutrients essential to build immunity and when you are healthy you are less likely to develop cancers, your blood pressure and cholesterol are lower and good health reduces the chances you will have heart diseases. There are so many more reasons to eat for better health.

Like its full-grown counterparts, the levels of these nutrients vary across the wide array of microgreens. 

Of course, mature vegetables could never be replaced, providing you with the necessary fiber that your body needs, but microgreens fill in the other gaps in your nutritional dietary needs.

Why choose our Microgreens?

Grown Indoors

By using our methods of indoor growing, we grow organic seeds in organic medium in a pesticide-free environment using filtered PH balanced water. Free from common radicals.

Grown Locally

You may not know that an average of 55% of the plant’s vitamins are lost during transit as they travel to the supermarket shelves. Thus we make grow our Microgreen and produce products locally, ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest possible quality often the day they are harvested.

Fruits and vegetables grown in North America may spend up to

5 days in transit before arriving at a distribution center, and another 3 days on a grocery store shelf, before they are purchased by the consumer, who may store them for up to 7 days prior to consumption

Sustainable Growing

Due to the environmental impact agriculture has, we are able to produce our products in a safe environment without any use of non-organic additives. One mature Broccoli plant will produce ¼ lb of seed thus making it a repeatable crop.

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