Flowers aren’t just for the bees anymore! Humans have been eating flowers for years and now we recognize the culinary properties and health benefits of these flowers. 

We love producing flowers not only because of their beauty but because of the culinary properties surrounding the flowers! Many people love eating flowers! People eat flowers for many reasons including health benefits, taste, and esthetic!

Whether you are wanting to know more about edible flowers and the taste associated with them or even the health benefits, we are your go-to for all of that!

Are flowers meant to be eaten?

Flowers can be eaten and many seem to forget that they can! Here at 4Leaf Micros, we strive to provide the best quality edible flowers for our customers to eat! 

Tea, salads, even salads with flowers can be made with flowers! Flowers can be used as a beautiful accent to enhance the appearance of a dish in many restaurants. The diners’ impressions of these flowers can last a very long time!

From goat cheese to cake decorations, flowers can be used in a wide variety of ways! It is also possible to use our flowers to improve the taste and appearance of your food by infusing sugar with them. We’ll take foodies on an amazing culinary adventure with our flowers!

What flower is edible and nutritious for humans?

There are many flowers that we grow for consumption that offer both nutrients and flavor to our clients! 

  • Nasturtium
  • Arugula 
  • Pansies
  • Cilantro Flowers
  • Violets
  • Marigold
  • Calendula 

These offer a variety of flavors that even the pickiest of eaters will love!

Nasturtium is a gorgeous flower that offers a peppery flavor and can do very well as a plate decoration or even inside salads! 

Arugula blossoms are delicious and have a nutty flavor to them! These will do very well in salads or eaten alone as a snack!

Pansies have a flavor very similar to nasturtium but are a little spicier or even a lot like a lettuce flavor. Many love mixing this with goat cheese or using it in salads as a way to improve the look of your foods!

Cilantro flowers are delicious and taste like coriander, the seed of the cilantro plant. This can be done amazingly on tacos or in a stir fry! 

Violets are a flower that many do not realize is edible. We see pansies in salads often but violets are another wonderful addition to your culinary journey. Unlike pansies, violets are a sweet flower and make a great addition to all of your baked goods!

Recently, nasturtiums have been taking the lead when it comes to the culinary scene. Usually, they are incorporated into dishes as a decorative element, but we also love adding them as a tasty accent. The use of pansies and violas as centerpieces for floral salads is another popular theme.

Some of our more popular edible flowers are nasturtium, pansies, and violas! However, cilantro and calendula are quickly making headways!

There is only one part of the marigold you can eat safely: the golden yellow petal. The flavor is sharp, peppery, spicy, and bitter and may remind you of saffron. In addition to using them as a natural food coloring, the petals are also a great way to add color to soups and stews.

What are the best edible flowers?

The kitchen scene has already experimented with Nasturtiums. You can add them fresh into sandwiches, appetizers, and cocktails. Its brightly colored flowers are said to be peppery and sweet, reminiscent of watercress, and are commonly used in cooking. It is great to add to salads as well as to omelets. The flowers of the plant can be filled with savory stuffings. 

Why are edible flowers healthy?

Many edible flowers are nutritious and are packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that are healthy and beneficial for your health.

What flowers have health benefits?

Many of our edible flowers contain antioxidants that can help you fight off disease! Along with their antioxidant properties, most of these flowers can stave off inflammation with their phytochemicals; these flowers include:

  • Pansies
  • Nasturtium
  • Violets
  • Calendula

These flowers help to improve taste but also your health in the meantime! 

While violets are beautiful additions to your garden, it have far more to offer. It contains rutin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as supporting the health of blood vessels. Also, violets are beneficial when it comes to treating respiratory problems. They also are high in vitamin C! Vitamin C helps support your immune system!

Calendula has a number of excellent properties! Flavonoids in the flower benefit the health of cells and may prevent them from becoming cancerous. As well as providing antioxidant properties, marigolds contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which can prevent degenerative eye diseases.

Can edible flowers make you sick?

Edible flowers should not make you sick. However, if you are not sure about what kind of flower one is, do not eat it!

Some people may have allergic reactions to edible flowers if they are allergic to the plant. This means you should be careful and avoid plants you are allergic to. 

We use the best and safest growing practices to help ensure that all of our products are considered safe and ready for consumption by our customers! We use no pesticides and we grow from seed so we control the whole process from start to finish.  

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