Red Vein Sorrel

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The leaves are quarter size leaves and hand harvested. You may request a more mature version normally used in salad or smoothies.
Red Vein Sorrel is comprised of very small, flat leaves, averaging 2 to 5 centimeters in length and 1 to 2 centimeters in diameter, and have an oval to round shape, attached to slender stems. The bright green, broad leaves bear curved, uniform edges and have a delicate, pliable, and smooth consistency. There are also prominent dark red and purple-hued veins extending across the surface of the leaves, connecting into the central maroon stem. Red Vein Sorrel; has a crisp, succulent, and tender consistency and a bright, citrus-forward flavor, followed by a tangy and subtly sour, pleasant aftertaste.

Red Vein Sorrel is Grown Year Round and normally in stock in some quantity at 4LeafMicros Approximately Late February to late November Spring and grown to order we will email you with availability and date when your order will be ready.
We grow through the winter months for weekly order customers only as we have limited indoor space to grow.

Current Facts
Red Vein Sorrel consists of young, edible seedlings that are a part of line of specialty microgreens grown by 4LeafMicros Farm. The small, dark green leaves are also known as Red Veined Sorrel, belonging to the Polygonaceae family and were specially curated to provide chefs an edible garnish with heightened visual appeal and a bright, tangy flavor. Red Vein Sorrel is generally harvested 3 to 6 weeks after sowing and is gathered at the peak of its growth cycle to ensure optimum flavor and nutritional properties. Chefs use Red Vein Sorrel as an accent in both sweet and savory dishes. The popular microgreen adds visual depth with its multi-colored, expressive appearance, and the greens elevate the dining experience by presenting clear flavor notes in small, controlled amounts. Red Vein Sorrel can be individually placed on preparations for dramatic impact, or the tiny leaves can be sprinkled in larger quantities across dishes. In addition to being featured as an individual variety.

Nutritional Value
Red Vein Sorrel contains minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, and provides some vitamin C, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation. It is important to note that the vitamins and minerals are found primarily within the leaves and not in the stems of the microgreens. Growing conditions also significantly impact the nutritional content.

Red Vein Sorrel is recommended for fresh use as a garnish to enhance the flavor and visual appeal of a dish. The bright green and maroon leaves provide contrast when placed on top of both raw and cooked preparations, and the citrus-forward notes assist in creating depth of flavor. Red Vein Sorrel can be incorporated into a wide variety of cuisines, often tossed into green salads, used as a decorative element on fruit plates, sprinkled over smoothie bowls, or delicately mixed into fruit salads. The tangy flavor of the greens also complements sweet flavorings in desserts and can be used as a garnish for pastries, ice cream, sorbet, and crème brulee. Beyond fresh preparations, Red Vein Sorrel; can be added as a final element to cooked preparations, including pasta, risotto, roasted meats, omelets, and grain bowls, and provides a fresh, bright flavor in contrast to rich, main dishes. The microgreens can also be layered on the bottom of a plate as a colorful, fresh bed for seafood. In mixology, Red Vein Sorrel; is used as decoration on top of cocktails, fruit punches, and tea-infused beverages. Red Vein Sorrel pairs well with seafood such as scallops, swordfish, smoked salmon, lobster, and clams, meats including venison, duck, beef, and poultry, mushrooms such as black trumpet and beech, cheeses such as blue, mozzarella, gruyere, and goat, and other ingredients, including purple cauliflower, asparagus, legumes, shallots, and avocado. The citrus-forward taste of the greens also complements sweet flavorings, including strawberries, peaches, melon, green apples, vanilla, and dark chocolate. Red Vein Sorrel; will generally keep 7 ot 10 days when stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Ethnic/Cultural Info
In 2020, restaurants across the United States made a historical shift from in-house dining to takeout and home meal kits due to the coronavirus pandemic. Takeout was once considered a fast, home meal option, but through the creativity of chefs, it has transformed from pre-packaged meals into individually curated experiences. Chefs compile ingredients in separate containers for consumers to combine at home for memorable dining, and many of these meals are being elevated through the use of microgreens. Microgreen varieties, including Red Vein Sorrel, are used by chefs to refresh their signature dishes and add an extra layer of dimension. The tender greens are sturdy and tolerant enough to be transported from restaurants to home kitchens, neatly packaged in small containers for personal use. Microgreens also provide added color, flavor, and texture to dishes beyond what is typically prepared in home kitchens, allowing consumers to craft a unique, personal experience.

Red Vein Sorrel was grown at 4 Leaf Micros Farm in Florida a Fresh From Florida Farm.

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