Nasturtium Leaf Green

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Contains: Nasturtium Leaf
Flavor: The leaves of the nasturtium plant have a mildly spicy flavor. The blooms also fall into the category of edible flower. The flavor profile is dominated by a spiciness that is similar to the heat that you get from mustard, radish, and watercress.
The blooms have a milder flavor than the leaves. The flower buds are edible as well. Nasturtium buds and seed pods can be pickled and used as substitutes for capers.
Nasturtium is a herbaceous plant that has been used in traditional medicine practices in places such as South America since at least the 1500s.Because there are many different species in this plant family, their flowers come in a wide range of colors, including bright yellow, orange and red flowers. Nasturtiums have lush, round leaves and big, drooping flowers that make them stand out in gardens.
Every part of the plant is edible.
NOTE*** Flowers sold separately

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